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'100 Defects'
'Principles of Radio-practice'
'Radio Service Manual'
'How to build an Electrodyn. Speaker'
'Tracking of defects'
'Modernising of Radio-receivers'
  1. 'Interference'
  4. 'Reception Circuits'
  7. 'Radio-receivers'
  12. 'The Radio-receiver'
Radio Circuits
'Interference with radio reception'
'Fight against Radio Interference'

'Radio Service Manual'

'Manual for the Repairman'

  • langue:  R. De Schepper
  • publisher:  Radioboekhandel P.H.Brans
  • place:  Antwerp, Belgium
  • year:  1935
  • edition:  second
  • pages:  256
  • language:  Dutch
  • with protective cardboard cover

  • 'Avoid to leave the impression with your customer of a unproductive consultation.'


Handboek Radio Service